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Ticket prices?

How to get your ticket?

How to sign up for workshops?

Stay in Haines Junction?


Ticket prices

There are 3 great ways to enjoy the Haines Junction Craft Workshop Weekend!

  1. Entry into the festival and Craft Market

    Enjoy the atmosphere surrounding the Haines Junction market. Take in some music, local food, and creative energy while browsing the festival grounds and the much anticipate Craft Market.
  2. Workshop Admission

$5 – $75

Register for your space in one of our informative and hands-on workshops. These workshops range vastly in time and medium. Check out on the single presenters pages and the Weekend Schedule to choose your favourites. To register you need to buy a ticket beforehand using the individual ticket number. Single Workshop bookings/ tickets are available through direct purchase at JAR (junctionjar@gmail.com) and e-transfer payment only! We greatly recommend to choose for the All-Inclusive Weekend-Pass and register for several workshops through-out the weekend.

All-Inclusive Weekend Pass


A great deal for those interested in participating in several workshops and spending the weekend in Haines Junction. Our All-Inclusive Festival Pass will allow the participant to enjoy the festival from Friday to Sunday and will ensure free access into any of our offered workshops.

Get your ticket?

  1. Buy it at one of our sales partners:
    • The Little Green Apple, FAS GAS Haines Junction
    • Arts Underground, Main Street, Whitehorse
    • Yukon Arts Centre, Whitehorse
  2. Purchase it online through Yukontickets.com (You pick-up your ticket at Yukon Arts Centre) 
  3. Order it through junctionjar@gmail.com with an e-transfer (You get a scan of your individual ticket to sign-up for workshops. The hard copy waits for you at the festival door)

Sign-up for Workshops?

As soon as you got your ticket you can/must register for workshops of your choice following this link to our online form: Craft Workshop Weekend – Workshop Sign-Up

We need your individual ticket number, your name and a contact (phone or e-mail) to proceed your workshop registration!

CWW_TicketScan Find the individual ticket number on your ticket to proceed with the workshop registration.

Stay in Haines Junction?

Please check with the Village of Haines Junction website for accommodation. We know this weekend is already pretty busy. In case you might not be able to find a suitable accommodation, please let us know. We might be able to organize a private stay or alternative camping spot for you. E-mail: junctionjar@gmail.com






Be inspired, be part of it!

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