The JAR Program runs every other year. The next program will be offered in 2020. Please check back in Fall, 2019 for application instructions. For further information, please contact or

Application Link

A link to an online form will be posted here when applications go live. 

Applications will open in Fall, 2019.  Please see below for required documents and eligibility. 

Applicant Eligibility 

  1.  You must have legal status in Canada. (International artists must check with Immigration Canada ( if they are eligible to work in the country)
  2. JAR was created as a platform for Canadian participants outside of the Yukon Territory to experience the natural and cultural setting of the Kluane region. This is to encourage cultural and artistic exchanges that offer new perspectives to the area. Thank you for your understanding.
  3. An established, working professional in the field. Minimum 5 years experience producing and/or selling items, participating in trade related shows, and/or has practical or technical training. 

Other Considerations

Applicant may have experience: 

  • Working in community settings. This includes (not limited to) working with vulnerable populations such as youth, seniors, minority groups and/or persons with disabilities.
  • Draw upon the program’s theme of ‘Sewing Through the Landscape’ which incorporates the surrounding natural and social environment of the Kluane region into the artist’s process and physical works.
  • Engaging communities to participate in arts practices on various levels.
  • Working collaboratively with Indigenous individuals, organizations, initiatives or programs in Canada.
  • Facilitating workshops, community-based events/arts practices.
  • Presenting information to community audiences.
  • Coordinating gallery or fashion shows, planning events. 

Expectations of the Artist

Artist applicants are expected to:

  • Work specifically in fashion and/or textiles.
  • Draw upon the program’s theme of ‘Sewing Through the Landscape’ which incorporates the surrounding natural and social environment of the Kluane region into the artist’s process and physical works.
  • Have a strong interest in or demonstrated experience deeply engaging with communities using intercultural competencies (awareness and sensitivity to diverse perspectives). Artists should strive to work within the context of the community, utilizing and embracing local human and material resources.
  • Be willing to prepare presentations for the local community which will introduce the artist’s previous work and intentions for the program, as well as showcase the culmination of their work and process throughout the residency.
  • Organize their time in an efficient manner, working alongside program coordinators to create a schedule of activities which builds towards their artistic process (such as: homestays, meetings, community workshops, studio drop-in hours, outdoor recreation, or other experiences or excursions to inspire the artist’s research)
  • Create final works in the form of a fashion collection, wearable art, sculpture or installation, or other fashion/textile works.
  • Present final works to the community via an event (past examples include fashion shows, presentations, gallery receptions).

Required Documents

Documents can be uploaded to the online application form. Please do not e-mail documents. All documents should be in .pdf , .jpg or .mpeg formats. 

  1. Artist Statement/Bio, 1 page max.
  2. Current CV, 3 pages max.
  3. 7-10 images, video or digital media of past works. Number all files and provide an additional document to correspond with each submission giving concise details about the piece. 
  4. Residency Project Ideas and Intentions. Please tell us: a) why you would like to participate in this program; b) brief brainstorm of project ideas (including what types of materials you want to work with, themes, approaches, process, etc.); c) activities/programming you would like to arrange and take part in while here and; d) your plans to engage the local community in your project. **responses will be filled out separately on application form. 

Please click here for Program Information.

Questions about eligibility or program details? E-mail: or