Celebrating the arts with community.

Mission Statement

Junction Arts and Music aims to work in partnerships to coordinate high-quality events and present a broad range of artists, creating opportunities for community members to support and enjoy year-round entertainment, thereby continuing to foster an appreciation of the arts.

Events may include: performing and visual arts, literary arts, artist presentations, film screenings and workshops.

Our History

JAM has not always been JAM.  Junction Arts & Music Society owes its existence to the Haines Junction Campus Committee which donated $10,000 from their discretionary funds as seed money to start up the non-profit organization, Society for Education & Culture, in May of 1999.

The visionaries and incorporators of the Society were: Todd Chambers, Elaine Hurlburt, Patty Moore, Hans Nelles, Steve Osborne, and Darlene Sillery.

Over the years, many volunteer Board Members working with an Executive Director have brought us to the point we are now.  In 2008, the name of the society changed to Junction Arts & Music (JAM) to better reflect our current activities. A new vision, mandate and five-year strategic plan were also developed, along with our logo.

Our mandate guides many Board-driven initiatives, from large-scale projects such as the sound system upgrade and acoustic improvements of the St. Elias Centre’s Grand Hall, to more grassroots projects like the Cookin’ with Jamberries cookbook. Initiatives such as these make JAM a dynamic presence in the community.


Current Board of Directors:

President – Ronald Schatz

Vice-President –  Chantal LaFreniere

Treasurer – Maya Chartier

Secretary – Kelsey Kabanak

Directors at-large

Steve Osborne

Executive Director:

Leigh-Anne Larsen

Past directors of the Society for Education & Culture/Junction Arts & Music:

Executive Directors:

Caley Damen – 2019 to 2022

Gregory Heming – 1999 to 2007

Yvonne Eleniak – 2011 to 2012

Yolande Cherepak – 2007 to 2011, 2012 to 2013

Andrea Bols – 2013 to 2014

Holly-Anne Dalrymple

Directors at-large

Scott Ross, Mark Fletcher, Dieter Gade, Brendan Wicklund, Brenda Berezan, Rosemary Buck, Paul Cadogan, Boyd Campbell, Todd Chambers, Karmen Cheetham, Heather Dodds, Lee Drummond, Sean Fitzgerald, Laura Gorecki, Trenton Graves, Elaine Hanson, David Henry, Elaine Hurlburt, Elsabe Kloppers, Agnes Macdonald, Terry Madley, Amy McKinnon, Patty Moore, Hans Nelles, Frances Oles, Shawn O’Donovan, Steve Osborne, Jill Piercey, Marguerite Richard, Darlene Sillery, Eric Stinson, Diane Strand, Enid Tait, Catherine Walton, Katrina Wohlfarth

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