Henry Navarro Delgado 

Henry Navarro is an interdisciplinary artist and designer and a fashion professor at Ryerson University, Toronto. He was selected for the 2018 JAR Program based on his experience creating site-specific fashion projects in diverse communities.

Henry has facilitated several site-specific fashion projects such as:

Sastro Circle (initiative for men of modest height) 

During the 2018 JAR Program, Henry spent time in different areas of our community getting to know community members, and the natural environment that surrounds us. He started to collect inspiration from these experience, — from the animals, structures, plants, stories, First Nations culture and history. Using this inspiration, Henry created ‘The Junction Collection: A Site Specific Fashion Project’, a collection of garments that reflect the dualities of life in the Yukon. 

To learn more about Henry’s project, The Junction Collection, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/junctionCollection/

We are excited to announce that Henry had the opportunity to show The Junction Collection at Toronto’s alternative Fashion Week, aka Fashion Art Toronto (FAT) this past Spring, 2019. For more information, check out: http://fashionarttoronto.ca/designers-artists-2019/henry-navarro/

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Jacquelyn van Kampen

Jacquelyn has been working as a designer since graduating Industrial Design in 2012 (Eindhoven University of Technology – Eindhoven, The Netherlands) During this time, she has been adding to her design, fashion and art skills through various workshops and schooling including garment making and pattern construction. She is now working on her own collection and is determined to continue down the path as an independent artist/designer in the years to come.
She has presented various wearable art pieces in fashion shows and has had the opportunity to present her work at conferences and events including the Dutch Design Week.She has organized, lead and presented workshops for a variety of audiences, including children, general public and students. Jacquelyn currently resides in Elora, Ontario and is the owner and designer behind Studio Kampina and co-owner of Common Craft/Studio Kampina Elora

Under the program’s theme ‘Sewing Through a Landscape’ Jacquelyn van Kampen took full advantage of the different opportunities her residency had to offer. She captured her natural and cultural experiences in Haines Junction and the Kluane region by exclusively using local, natural or re-purposed materials for her designs. Artistic exchanges between Jacquelyn and locals helped inspire and encourage her process during the residency. Jacquelyn was even asked by the community to honor a community member by re-purposing the individual’s coat and give new meaning to their legacy. A highlight for Jacquelyn was making a ‘berry picking dress’, which many locals who enjoy harvesting berries in the late Yukon summer could relate to.

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