Most of JAM’s events are held at the St. Elias Centre. This venue features a 3000-square-foot Grand Hall with retractable, theatre seating for 240 persons as well as a theatre stage. The hall’s acoustics treatment provides an excellent listening experience. Adjustable sound panels can accommodate specific events requirements.

The stage has a performance space of 30′ length, 30′ Width, and 16′ Height. A loading ramp offers convenient access to the stage area. Two dressing rooms, showers and bathrooms are located back stage.

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St. Elias Centre Technical Info.

Sound System

The Grand Hall of the St. Elias Centre has a state-of-the-art analogue sound system. Its flexible design offers sound reinforcement for a broad range of events on stage as well as in the hall. Six JBL PRX 600 series active speakers provide the front of house sound reinforcement. Audio connection panels at the stage, at the back of the hall and at the main control room allow for a large variety of sound system configurations.

Click here for list of sound equipment.

There are two sound and lighting control rooms in the back above of the hall:

The Public Control Room. This room has user-friendly sound system controls. This room provides the general public access to sound, lights and video equipment as part of the venue rental package offered by the Village of Haines Junction. Please contact the Village (Phone: 867-634-7000, or e-mail: for all rental inquiries.

The Main Control Room. This room contains the heart of this venue’s main sound system. If you would like to hold an event or concert at the St. Elias Centre and would like to use the main sound system, please e-mail JAM. The use of the sound system is free, however specific conditions apply including an administration fee. Please note that access to the main control room is limited to authorized tech. personnel only.

  • Most of JAM’s sound equipment is portable and can be used at other venues such as the outdoors and St. Christopher’s Log Church.


Lighting System

The Grand Hall features a simple stage lighting system comprised of twenty instruments that can accommodate various events. The lighting system consists of a neutral front wash, side boom lighting and various onstage positions. Additional instruments are available for specials. Control is available via the use of a 24-channel Leprecon LP-600 series memory Lighting Board. Connections for the board are located at the control room, in the hall and on stage. The theatre contains a total of forty-five 1.2K dimmer circuits distributed throughout the venue. Additionally, for touring productions with their own lighting system, a power distribution panel for tie-ins is located upstage right.



An HD video projector mounted under the ceiling of the Grand Hall is connected to the public control room’s sound system. The standard sound configuration for video is stereo. However, the sound system can be configured for 5.1 & 7.1 surround sound.