Rhoda, a Wolf Clan member of the Tahltan Nation, was born and raised in Whitehorse. Her love of creating has been a lifelong passion inherited from her mother and grandmother. As a First Nation artist, she beads, sews First Nation regalia, tells First Nation stories, paints, and writes. She applies her expertise to developing First Nation art based curriculum workshops and programming. Rhoda is a passionate promoter of art, specifically First Nation art, culture, and artists. Her studio is in Atlin, British Columbia.

Make a Leather Purse or Medicine Bag (Youth):

Free of Charge

Friday, August 12, 12:00-2:30pm

Students have the opportunity to join Rhoda in making a traditional leather purse or medicine bag – a . Learn about the importance of these objects and their place in tradition, both past and present, while creating your very own purse or medicine bag.

Illustrate a First Nations Story (Turtle Island on a Pillow Case) (Youth):

Free of Charge

Friday, August 12, 3:00-6:30pm

Students will hear a First Nation creation legend about how the world came to be on the back of a Turtle. Students will be equipped to paint, inside a turtle shell frame, what they would put into their world if they could create anything they wanted. Paintings will be done on a blank pillow case, giving kids the chance to bring home their dream world.

Totem Poles on Canvas (Youth):

Free of Charge

Saturday, August 13, 9:00am-1:00pm

Totems or personal Power Animals are protector spirits that help us in our daily life and in our spiritual search for Harmony. These Power Animals are usually a reflection of our innermost self, representing also the qualities one needs in this world, but that are often hidden. Create your very own canvas totem pole that represents your secret Power Animals and your hidden strengths.

Introduction to Beading:

Tier 3, $50

Saturday, August 13, 2:00-5:00pm

In this introductory class, Rhoda Merkel will walk students through demonstrations and hands-on beading techniques. Starting with what tools to use, different techniques to employ, and a brief history of beading, students will progress into making their own pieces and leave with the ability to apply these skills to future projects.

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