As an artist, Leslies medium of choice is alternative mediums and the use of unorthodox assembly methods. A master of many trades, Leslie has been making fashion accessories for 6 years, specializing in jewellery. She has also worked as a professional photographer since 1994 and taught numerous workshops on the subject. A pillar in the Whitehorse arts community, you can find Leslies work at galleries and festivals throughout the territory.

Creative Use of Alternate Materials – Outside the Box:

Tier 3, $50

Saturday, August 13, 10:00am-1:00pm

Make a fashion item from alternative materials that inspire you! Learn alternative techniques for connecting, attaching and using uncommon materials, such as recycled pieces, in garment construction. This class will help participants see what is possible when they begin to think outside the normal confines of fashion and incorporate new and unconventional materials in their work.

Students are asked to bring a selection of alternative materials that inspire them to this class (household items, recycled materials with beautiful colour or texture, items from nature etc.). If students are interested in finding new ways to use their sewing or household tools, feel free to bring them along for a personalized experience.

Recycled Objects in Clothing Construction:

Tier 3, $50

Saturday, August 13, 2:00-5:00pm

In this class, Leslie Leong will delve into the use of recycled materials in costume or apparel construction. In order to walk students through different techniques and new ways of looking at fashion, each student will create an item of apparel out of simple plastic milk jugs. New techniques in seaming, and joining will be introduced to students. This class is a wonderful opportunity to expand the way you look at apparel construction and the use of materials.

Photographing Your Designs:

Tier 2, $20

Sunday, August 14, 1:30-4:30pm

Join Leslie Leong as she walks students through an introduction to photographing their creations. Each student brings their own camera (it can be a camera, phone, or tablet, whatever you have available) as well as samples of their work (a variety of mediums are encouraged!) to be photographed. This workshop is ideal for anyone looking to begin selling online, or who would like to create their own portfolio in the future.


Be inspired, be part of it!

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