Click on chart to see and download JAR Sponsorship Tier list as pdf file 

SponsortshipChartExtraMixed Sponsorship packages

  • You can mix monetary and in-kind support. In-kind support is roughly calculated by dividing the in-kind amount through 1.6. I.ex. If you give 600$ worth in-kind contribution you can ad 125$ monetary to reach the Ruby Range tier.
  • If you want to mix recognition and benefit options you can choose 2x a lower tier category.
  • The same multiple booking is recommended if you like i.ex. the “Paint Mountain” benefit package for 2 or more person.
  • We would also create a specific sponsorship benefit and recognition package if you book the Mt. Archibald tier or higher. Think about a participation of a group of your costumers or work team. Create your special business day at the Craft Workshop Weekend in Haines Junction.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any question you might have about the JAR Sponsorship. 1 867 335 2304,



  1. Name tag: To find once in the program magazine
  2. Logo tag: Your logo shown in program magazine or/and event advertising (Number of stars=size and intensity of shown logo tag)
  3. Door sign: Suitable for your business saying: “JAR 2016 proudly sponsored by “Your Name” in the “Mountain” tier category. Art is important for community life and growth.
  4. Advertising deduction: You could book any advertising space in the magazine and get a deduction of the noted amount.
  5. Workshop sign: Each workshop at our Craft Workshop Weekend would be sponsored by one or several sponsors shown on a sandwich board in and in front of one workshop venue. Your name will be shown as “Your Name” happily supporting “Title of workshop”. 1/3 or 1/2 means you potentially share this sign with 2 or one other sponsor.
  6. Information stand: You can advertise your company or service on a separate table or show board with own merchandise products. (Number of stars= number of events you can do such)
  7. Verbal recognition: Your company would be announced verbally at introductions. (Number of stars= number of verbal recognition)

Benefit options

  1. Merchandise products: Supporter t-shirt or other potential merchandise products
  2. VIP Event Tickets give you more options at the events. Additional benefits may be added to the packages. (Number of star = number of person who can attend)2.1 Opening reception, 2.2 Craft Workshop Weekend, 

    2.3 Gala Presentation

  3. Food package: Food coupon to use at a event (Number of stars = number of events with food coupons)
  4. Accommodation * Dinner: Free accommodation and exclusive dinner (Number of stars = night/person)
  5. Recreational package: Free entertainment offer for guided outdoor or cultural activity (Number of stars = number of person/ Number of + = quality of program)