A master carver, painter, musician, and composer, Dennis Shorty of Ross River, Yukon, aims to share his art, passion, and knowledge with audiences through a variety of mediums. Known for his carving and jewellery work, Dennis and his partner Jennifer travel together to share their skills and knowledge of Kaska heritage with audiences in their community, across Yukon, and overseas. As a full-time artist and teacher, Dennispassion for sharing his talent and his art is apparent in his encouraging and skill-building workshops.


Introduction to Jewellery Making:

Tier 3, $50

Friday, August 12, 3:30 6:30pm

Saturday, August 13, 10:00am – 1:00pm

Sunday, August 14, 9:30am 12:30pm

Create your own piece of jewellery from copper and antler. Each student will have the opportunity to develop their artistic expression through shaping these two natural ingredients; into a one of a kind piece. Start from scratch and observe the various techniques for shaping, designing, carving, and, finally, finishing your piece. This class will teach students how to handle a number of power tools such as a dremel.

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