Interview with Jeff Scroggins & Colorado

Interview with Jeff Scroggins
Steve Gedrose in conversation with Tristan Scroggins, Jeff Scroggins and Greg Blake

Since 2003, the Kluane Mountain Bluegrass Festival has been bringing together some of the finest artists of Bluegrass—amazing musicians such as James King, Michael Cleveland and Gibson Brothers. And this year, for the first time, JAM Live! recorded some of the rousing performances to share with you on this radio show.

As in most musical genres, Bluegrass is coloured by the musicians’ personal and professional lives, and we invite you to come along with us as we explore some of their behind-the-scenes background.

Steve Gedrose, past producer of the Bluegrass Festival, was the apt choice to chat with members from each of the five bands that JAM Live! is featuring from this year’s festival. In this segment of our show, Steve is speaking with three members of the five-member band, Jeff Scroggins & Colorado (from Colorado).

Jeff Scroggins & Colorado is a band that believes in creating an enjoyable and intriguing musical experience for their audiences. These musicians push the boundaries of Bluegrass music while honoring the traditions and cultural heritage of the pieces.

Now, we invite you to sit back and enjoy the following conversations with Jeff, his son Tristan Scroggins, and Greg Blake. These chats were recorded at the festival on June 14th, 2015, at the delightfully crowded St. Elias Convention Centre in Haines Junction.