Marco Claveria

Marco Claveria

This episode features Chile born musician Marco Claveria. Marco learned to play Chilean folk music at an early age growing up in Chile. After his immigration to Edmonton, Canada, in 1982, he continued to play music in various musical ensembles and enrolled in two university music programs.

In the mid 90’s he re-discovered his passion for the music he grew up listening to in his parents’ home in Chile. Eager to learn more about this music, he visited Cuba to study with some of the island’s top musicians like Carlitos Gonzales, Angel Rivero and Alejandro Maximo Duany.

Marco has been an integral part of various musical projects that have toured South America, USA and all across Canada. As a founding member and main writer-composer of the popular Edmonton group “Bomba!” Marco had the chance to open for such luminary musicians such as Al Green and Aaron Naville.

His first solo album is “Essencias” which was released in 2010. For this project Marco was joined by well respected musicians like Alex Cuba, Adonis Puentes, Sergio Riveiro, just to name a few.

We recorded this event in August 2017 at the Village Bakery in Haines Junction, Yukon.