Jason Fowler

Jason Fowler - Photo: Heiko Haehnsen
Jason Fowler – Photo: Heiko Haehnsen

Jason Fowler is a sought after Toronto singer/songwriter, guitarist, composer and producer with a myriad of impressive achievements under his belt. Here are some high lights.

Jason has played with a who’s who of the Canadian roots music scene including; Anne Lindsay, Amy Sky, Susan Aglukark, The Cottars, Ember Swift, Madison Violet, and Evalyn Parry. At the other end of the popular music spectrum he has opened for Robert Plant, Steve Vai, Deep Purple and Ted Nugent.

He has released six CDs under his own name and played on over 100 others. His Film and TVsoundtrack work includes Arbitrage, Tinker Bell, Relic Hunter, Mantracker, and Eight Days To Live.

Jason has also played on many commercials including spots for Tim Horton McDonalds, Hyundai, General Motors, Ford Motors and Fairmont Hotels.

We recorded this great performance at a house concert in Haines Junction on March 7th, 2017.

For Jason’s full bio and other information please visit his website: https://www.jasonfowler.ca/