Feet Farouche

Feet Farouche - Photo by Heiko Haehnsen
Feet Farouche – Photo by Heiko Haehnsen

This episode features four of Yukon’s finest Jazz musicians. They came together under the name of “Feet Farouche” for an improvisational jam to entertain the crowed at an arts and crafts market in Haines Junction, Yukon.

The quartet revisits a multitude of traditional songs from genres including old jazz, Irish fiddle, and Quebecois style music, to name a few, and play them drumming with their feet, like in traditional Irish music, in a “farouche” way (Farouche being a French word meaning untamed or savage!).

It was amazing to watch how the band effortlessly morphed a song from one feel to another and wandered back to where it all began. At one point the audience jokingly asked the group to play the Christmas song “Jingle Bells”. Perhaps not the most appropriate request considering that we are in the middle of summer – the band however cheerfully agreed and played the “Hell” out of it.

Feet Farouche are (clock wise), Brigitte Desjardins on drums (including an old suitcase) and vocals, Paul Bergman on upright bass, Kieran Poile on fiddle and vocals and Olivier de Colombel on soprano saxophone and vocals.

We recorded this event on August 14th, 20016.