Fred Eaglesmith & Tif Ginn

Fred Eaglesmith & Tif Ginn
Fred Eaglesmith and Tif Ginn performing at the St. Christopher’s Log Church in Haines Junction, Yukon.

In today’s episode we are presenting hardcore Canadian troubadour Fred Eaglesmith and his wife Tif Ginn. The couple performed at the St. Christopher’s Log Church in Haines Junction, Yukon, on May 9th, 2016.

Inspired by 50’s and 60’s Rock’n Roll Fred already knew as a young teen that writing music and performing would be his life’s mission. Early on he created his own unique musical style and set the stepping stones for an independent career path. Fred’s music is hard to define – Perhaps the broad label of alternative country music, may fit best.

Many of his songs reflect on his own life experiences on small farms and small towns in Ontario, his passion for cars, trucks, trains and of course women. He also writes about down-and-out characters dealing with loss of love or livelihood or just quirky rural folk in general.
Fred mixes it up in performances with improvisational stand-up comedy (with an unapologeticly hefty dose of audience heckling), story telling and his special brand of music. He likes to characterize his shows as “Johnny Carson meets the Rolling Stones.”

A relentless road warrior, he tours in his bio-fuelled tour bus, criss-crossing North America to perform up to 300 shows a year for a loyal following. His frequent tours in the United States, Europe, and Australia have also gained him a globally strong fan base. Despite his very busy touring schedule he managed to release an incredible 20 albums.

Fred is joined on stage by his wife Tif Ginn. She is an amazing singer/ songwriter from Austin, Texas.
Tif opens this concert with a solo performance accompanying herself on guitar.

In the second part of the show she joins Fred on accordion, ukulele and back up vocal. Fred plays guitar and lead vocal..