Marie’s Favourites

In this episode, host Marie Eleniak is sharing some of her favourite songs from past JAM Live! shows.

So, who is JAM Live! you may ask ­ To put it simply, we are enthusiastic music lovers who started recording live music in and around Haines Junction, Yukon, in the Fall of 2012. Since then we produced more than 750 songs covering a broad range of music genres performed by local, national, and international artists.

If you like to know in which songs are played in this episode, please check the play list below. Click on “Play Episode” if you like to listen to the full episode a particular song belongs to. 

Song Song Title / Performer Episode Play Episode
1 If You Like Me Like You Say / Brandon Isaak  2 play button
2 Nutshell / Tim Naylor & Loose Ens  15 play button
3 Like A River / Front Country  43 play button
4 Sisters / The Lacks  42 play button
5 My Funny Valentine / Claire Ness & The Gin Swings  16 play button
6 Schoolyard / Oh Susanna  19/20 play button
7 Jump / Soul Migration  32/33 play button
8 Sweet Little Angel / Lazy Mike & The Rockin’ Recliners  29/30 play button
9 Turn Time Off / David Miles  12 play button
10 Above the Clouds / The Abrams Brothers  36/37 play button
11 The Desert / Declan O’Donovan  40 play button
12 Time On Tic / Dominique Fraissard  24/25 play button