The Lack Family

The Lack Family
Scott Lack dives into the wild crowd during The Lack Family’s farewell concert at the Chilkat Center for the Arts, Haines, Alaska, on August 7th, 2015.

Everybody likes to travel, right? – and so do we!

So this summer we hit the road for the 250 km drive south, to the beautiful coastal town of Haines, Alaska in the good old US of A.

The purpose of our trip was to record the family rock band “The Lacks” from California who, for the past three years have been one of the highlights of the Southeast Alaska State Fair.

The five band members are: parents Scott on electric and acoustic guitar, and Paula on keyboard and daughters, Deborah (age 27) who plays bass, Sarah age 18 does her magic on the drums and Cloe ( only 13 years old) plays the Ukulele and acoustic guitar. All five sing lead and harmony vocals.

The band’s adventure began in 2009 when the family sold everything and hit the road to make music. Ever since, they’ve been touring, across North America, Europe, Mexico and Japan. Parents Scott and Paula have still found time to home school the kids.

The Lack’s repertoire includes a lot of classic rock, but it is their original tunes which particularly highlight the band’s stunning vocal harmonies.

When ever possible, the family tries to spend some time in the communities they visit. Paula says that “meeting people off the stage is the biggest drive that keeps us going! It’s become so much more than just music.”

The band have released four albums which are available as free downloads from their website”

After enjoying their three week visit in Haines, The Lack Family performed a farewell concert at the Chilkat Center for the Arts, on August 7th, 2015, and we were there to record it