Dominique Fraissard

Episode # 24 – Part 1

 Episode # 25 – Part 2


“..this is the sound of love scraped from one man’s pallet of reminiscence, outrage, shame, vindication, sorrow and joy – six and twelve string acoustic guitar driven folk rock for our times – an unabashed articulation of the human experience, with lyricism, melody and rhythm to shake and caress you in measure..”

 Dominique Fraissard hails uniquely from the mountains of Canada’s west and the long hot highways of his native Australia. There is timelessness to this music. His 6 and 12 string acoustic guitars and a potent pen sing with an earthy lilt and an urban edge, from the good green earth of his 1970’s childhood, up through the concrete and steel built on top of it.

An admired songwriter/musician in the folk/acoustic genre with a very original twist of urban transfer to his work Dominique has, since his first performances in 1997 at the chalkboard venues of Woodford Folk Festival, been in ever increasing demand. Based in Sydney in 1998, Dominique gigged prodigiously there, making forays up and down the east coast, to New Zealand and Canada. He recorded the eponymous First Album in 1998 and followed up with 2001’s Catharsis, released on his own label, Drink From the Trees and distributed by MGM. Following performances at the 2006-07 Woodford Folk Festival, commercial release of the newly mastered First Album and a west coast Canada tour, Fraissard released the long awaited 3rd album Tabula Rasa in 2007. Continuing with the winning team of himself and producer Syd Green, 2010 saw the release of Humble In The Moment, coupled with another offering, Cutting Teeth, a live album of cuts from shows spanning a decade from 1998. He has played several Western Canadian festivals in the two short years since moving to Canada, including Salmon Arm Roots and Blues and Edge of the World. Recent US interest has seen 2 original works tracked to the award winning documentary Ride The Divide, writing of a complete soundtrack score for the follow up film The Path, and a deal with indie label Red Pill Entertainment.

Dominique has been called on to support international acts including the Waifs, Jack Johnson, John Butler Trio, rock and roll Hall of Famer Roger McGuinn (the Byrds), Rory Mcleod, Andy White, George, Elixer, Denvar, Penelope Swales, Matt Walker and Ashley Davies, Bill Bourne, Stella One Eleven and many others.

Other projects include his acclaimed version of Nick Drake’s ‘Three Hours’ for Um & AH Records’ tribute to Nick Drake – Jeremy Flies, live original tracks taken for Club Acoustica’s Basement Showcases and original guitar compositions to accompany the work of indigenous poet Romain Moreton for an SBS documentary. His work has been heard on independent, college and commercial radio throughout Australia and Canada, Qantas Inflight and tracked to independent film. It has inspired artists of all codes and boasts a following from early teen listeners to those in retirement.

Now residing in the North Slocan Valley of British Columbia, Dominique divides his time between music, the creative arts and outdoor pursuits.

On September 6th, 2014 we recorded a solo performance by Dominique at a house concert in Haines Junction, Yukon.

A big “THANK YOU’ to Monika and Heiko for their generous hospitality and for hosting this concert at their home.