Double Feature: Samantha Crain and Quinn Christopherson

In this episode we feature music from two singer/songwriters recorded at the Áak’w Rock Festival in Juneau, AK, in 2023

Samantha Crain

Samantha Crain at the Áak’w Rock Festival, in Juneau, AK, 2023 (Frame grab from KTOO video)

Samantha Crain, is a Choctaw Nation songwriter, musician, producer, and vocalist from Shawnee, Oklahoma.

“Her voice is gorgeously odd — all fulsome, shape-shifting vowels that do indeed billow like fog.”

-Rolling Stone

Quinn Christopherson

Quinn Christopherson at KTOO studios in Juneau, AK. (Photo by Annie Bartholomew KTOO)

For Quinn Christopherson, storytelling is not just a passion, but a family tradition. Growing up in Anchorage, Alaska, Quinn attributes his love for crafting narratives to his rich heritage. With a mother of Ahtna Athabascan descent and a father who is Iñupiat, storytelling has always been a central aspect of his family’s traditions.