Elijah Bekk Unplugged

Elijah Bekk, guitarist, singer, songwriter from the Yukon has appeared in numerous JAM Live! episodes. His music styles included soul, jazz as well as R&B.

In this episode however, Elijah presents himself up close and personal on acoustic guitar joined by some of his friends.

In the first segment of our show, Elijah is joined by guitarist Logan McKillop from Winnipeg, Manitoba, jamming on the deck of the Village Bakery in Haines Junction, Yukon, in June of 2023.

In the second segment we introduce Elijah’s brand new 4-member folk band Tumbleweed. Elijah Bekk on acoustic guitar s joined by, Alana Martinson on fiddle, Lorene Charmetant on upright bass and Ellorie McKnight on Banjo.” The group performed at the Kluane Mountain Bluegrass Festival in Haines Junction, Yukon, in June 2023.

Logan McKillop (left) and Elijah Bekk (right) at he Village Bakery in the Junction.
Three members of Tumbleweed. Lorene Charmetant (left), Elijah Bekk (centre), Alana Martinson (right). Missing in this image is Ellorie McKnight.