The Bergmans


The Bergmans

Bruce Bergman is an accomplished 35 year veteran of the Yukon music scene. He has been involved in countless bands as a singer, a guitar player, and a song writer. His adaptable guitar skills are evident in his wide range of genres covering rock, blues, folk, country and bluegrass. In addition you can find Bruce teaching guitar or working as sound engineer at music functions throughout the Yukon.

Deb Bergman is a multi-talented musician, playing mandolin, upright bass and vocals. Deb began teaching mandolin after a woman approached her who was tired of sitting and watching the men playing music. She wanted to play too. This suited Deb, as she always describes her learning style as “keeping up with the boys”. Which you will agree that she has no trouble doing.

We recorded this episode at the open air stage of the Village Bakery in Haines Junction, Yukon, on May 23rd, 2014.

The Bermans are playing around two microphones to get that purer, unplugged, acoustic sound. The blending of voices and instruments before reaching the microphone captures the classic tone of duos like Jim and Jesse or Skaggs and Rice.

“The Bergmans” are Deb Bergman on mandolin, upright bass and vocals and Bruce Bergman on acoustic guitars and vocals.

Checkout their album entitled “The Bergmans Live”, recorded at the 2012 Kluane Mountain Bluegrass festival in Whitehorse. This collection of tunes is anchored by strong rhythms and flavored with beautiful melodies and vocal harmonies.

 A big “Thank You” goes out to the Village Bakery in Haines Junction for all their support.