Problematic Orchestra

Daniel Janke directing the Problematic Orchestra

The Problematic Orchestra which from Whitehorse, Yukon, is comprised of up to 26 semi-professional musicians with a repertoire crossing multiple genres blending contemporary, classical, and popular themes.

In June 2022, 11 members of the Problematic Orchestra’s string section visited the St. Elias Convention Centre, in Haines Junction. Yukon, where they performed pieces by Mozart, Elgar and Grieg.

Violin 1-Bryn Knight, Aniela Hanley, Alex Petriw

Violin 2-Katie Avery, Mina Yee, Jane Harms

Viola-Rachel Grantham, Alyson Miller

Cello-Sarah Jane Johnson, Darcy McCord, Tim Sellars

Under the direction of Daniel Janke