The Office Sessions

The Office Sessions from Whitehorse, Yukon, began as an experiment between music and breakdancing conducted by staff of the “The Heart of Riverdale Community Centre”.  After they transformed their working office into a creative space, it quickly became obvious that a higher level of artistic energy had been unleashed. By keeping things completely improvised and spontaneous, the group has been able to push the conventions of their art forms to create some truly unique experiences.

In May 2022, “The Office Sessions” performed at the St. Elias Convention Centre in Haines Junction, Yukon.  For this event a group of three musicians, who call themselves “The House Band” were joined by professional break dancers and, of course, a live audience. “The House Band” includes guitarist and singer Elijah Bekk, keyboardist and trumpeter Logan Bennett and drummer Ben McGrath.

Dancers: Riley Simpson-FowlerAlex Robinson, Tristan Inglis-Comeau, Benji Robertson, Asher Brault and Grace Simpson-Fowler