The Midnight Sons Band

Episode # 159 – Part 1

Episode # 160 – Part 2

The Midnight Sons Band – From left to right – Alex Johnston, Patrick Docherty, Daniel Stark, Brett Elliot. Photo: Anton Solo

The Yukon rock formation “The Midnight Sons Band” was formed in December of 2012 in Whitehorse. Since their inception, they have been spreading their music playing music festivals and venues across Canada. Their original sound is a mix of melodic guitar rifts, dynamic percussion, ambient background sounds with soulful lyrics and vocals. Their influences range from contemporary rock, to blues, to folk and their lyrics shed light on both the good and the bad of young manhood, and life north of 60.

In September 2021 the band rocked out on the deck of the Village Bakery in Haines Junction, Yukon thrilling the audience, with riveting improvisation and variations on their original material and some covers.

Alex Johnston (Guitar and Vocals), Patrick Docherty (Drums), Daniel Stark (Guitar and vocals), and Brett Elliot (Bass and banjo).