Tim Naylor & Loose Ens

On January 25th, 2014 Tim and his band Loose Ens performed at the St. Elias Center in Haines Junction, Yukon.

His show is simply titled    Now…


Tim Naylor, Lead singer and bass

Tim Naylor has been performing professionally on a national and international scale for more than 20 years. He has honed his skills as an entertainer and song writer and has worked tirelessly to build his repertoire of music. Submersing himself in the music he continues to pass on to others the lessons of those who taught him while continuingly learning from his peers. 

He currently performs here in the Yukon with his power rock trio Tripl3 Threat and various other local musicians.  In 1996 he helped form Love Rhino the house band at the Kopper King for two years. They released a three song EP financed by the group themselves. This release resulted in a generous amount of air play by all three Yukon radio stations. 

In 1999 he formed the band Mr. Vein and within six months they released their full length CD No Big Deal. As lead singer and bass player he was the driving force behind one of Yukon’s first dynamic and original rock acts. They performed live in 2000 on Edmonton’s televised A channel while touring and promoting their album release.  In 2001 they were invited to perform at A2A (Access to Amsterdam) sponsored by F.A.C.T.O.R. They travelled to Europe continuing to promote their album now on an international scale. On their return they performed live once more for Edmonton’s A channel now garnering even more attention in the music industry resulting in air time on several national radio stations including “THE BEAR”. 

From 2004 to 2009 Tim played in a cover band called Loose Ens. They opened up for Nazareth, April Wine and Chilliwack.  

In 2007 he won first place in the Latin category for his original song on an international song writing competition on the website www.Ourstage.com, also placing top ten in other genres. You have likely hear him on the radio singing “Crazy” with Mr. Vein or one his originals from his first CD Bittersweet as a solo artist such as “In Change”.  

Tim continues to write, perform and record his music. Over the years he has learned countless lessons from a myriad of sources. Three stand out for him and they are: never stop creating, perform whenever the opportunity presents itself and most importantly never stop living your dreams.  

You can enjoy some of his music at http://www.ourstage.com/; just look up Tim Naylor. 

Tim currently works as a safety officer with the Yukon Government by day and continues to pursue his passion for music in his spare time.  


Clint Watson, Guitar  

Having played guitar for almost 2 decades, Clint has developed a playing style that allows him to play a variety of different kinds of music from hard driving rock to country. 

He has had the opportunity to play with Canadian music legends, including Burton Cummings and Gerry Doucette. He has extensive experience playing with Yukon musicians, as well as touring experience with musicians across Canada, the United States and Europe. 

He also holds an Audio Engineering degree, having recorded and performed on many artists’ recording projects.


Chris Moir, Guitar

Chris Moir was born in Windsor, Ontario where he grew up listening to his Dad and brother play guitar and sing songs around the kitchen table. When he was 9 his family moved to Faro,Yukon and then by 15 on to Whitehorse. By the age of 16 he decided to pick up a guitar and learn to play and sing for himself. His influences hold no genre boundaries, as he has crafted his talent from an open heart and mind. In 1991, Chris helped form the band “Lack of Communication” and landed his first “Bar gig” at the Klondike Inn, in Whitehorse. Since then, Chris has performed nearly every bar, community center, and Festival in every town in Yukon. He has toured from Toronto, Ontario at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern, to Legends in Victoria, B.C and as far north as Inuvik N.W.T. He has performed on radio and television stations, such as City T.V., B.C.T.V, and CHCH Hamilton. 


Neil Byblow, Drums 

Neil was raised in Durban, Manitoba, and received his first drum kit when he was 12.   In 1993, he graduated from St. Vladimir’s College, A minor seminary which toured North America every spring as a Ukrainian folk troupe. After that first taste of performing, he joined the band See Monkey when he moved to Winnipeg at age 18. The band went on to record 2 EP’s and shot a video for MuchMusic for their single “Problem of Being”.


In 1998, Neil moved to the Yukon, and soon was glad he made room for his drum kit. Between 1999 and 2006 the Yukon was a thriving live venue town, and he found himself caught up in the action. He managed to play the Frostbite, Dawson City , Alsek , and Farrago Music Festivals. There were countless appearances at the various clubs such as Lizards, the Kopper King, The 202, and the Capital Hotel. October of 2001 saw him performing in the Netherlands for the ‘Access 2 Amsterdam’ Festival. In 2003, a call from QED, an Edmonton-based band, took Neil on a 2 month multi city tour of India . Meanwhile back in the Yukon, he has opened for April Wine, Sweeney Todd, and Nazareth.  Neil was also in the pit orchestra for the Guild Hall’s production of Aristophanes’ Lysistrata .  After a 5 year hiatus, Neil has returned to the Yukon and was recently involved in Vicarious, A Tribute To Tool, as well as a stint as a bass player with Whitehorse band The Weight.