The Brass Knuckle Society & Second Cousins


Our show usually features professional or semi- professional musicians from across Canada and the United States. We thought that our listeners may also be interested in hearing and learning about the great music by other Yukon performers. So we dedicated JAM Live! Community Special to presenting performances by very talented but lesser known bands from Yukon communities.

This episode features songs by two Whitehorse bands, The Brass Knuckle Society and Second Cousins.

Brass Knuckle Society
Brass Knuckle Society

The 6 members Brass Knuckle Society turns wind into music. As you may have guessed, the band only plays brass instruments – not one single string to be seen!; The band plays live acoustic music from around the world in an effort to make you boogie. Drawing from European folk traditions and old school blues, BKS hoots and honks and hollers into the wee hours. Look for The Brass Knuckle Society on the nearest street corner, dressed in their Sundays’ Finest, playing the music your grandparents danced to. These guys are a real hardy bunch; they actually recently played at -20 degree on Main Street Whitehorse.

We recorded songs by the Brass Knuckle Society at the St. Elias Centre in Haines Junction, Yukon, on October 12, 2013.

The B.K.S is:
Jesse Whitehead – Trumpet, Will Hegsted – Tenor Sax, Thibaut Rondel – Alto Sax,
Josh Regnier – Drums, Kristen Range – Accordion, Wiliam Auclair  – Tuba

Second Cousins
Second Cousins

Second Cousins is an acoustic bluegrass quintet. Yukon’s prestigious Kludge Mountain Bluegrass Festival, which the band performed at three year in a row, has been a launching point for Second Cousins in 2009. They treat there cheerful audiences to an eclectic mix of bluegrass original and cover tunes. The band takes inspiration from Yukon bluegrass pioneers such as Hungry Hill and the Undertaking Daddies, and is now part of a new and growing generation of players tending the ‘bluegrass bonfire’ in Territory.

Second Cousins is:
Thane Phillips – mandolin, guitar and vocals; Scott Keesey – guitar, mandolin and vocals; Mark Nelson – banjo; Jon Heaton – resonator guitar and vocals; Scott Wilson – double bass

The featured songs were recorded December 14, 2013 at the St. Elias Centre, Haines Junction, Yukon.