Yadong Guan Trio



This episode features Quebec’s Yadong Guan Trio.

In November 2013, an enthusiastic audience at the St. Elias Centre in Haines Junction, Yukon, was treated to a very special performance by the distinguished Pipa virtuoso and composer, Yadong Guan, originally from Beijing.

Yadong Guan is a true musical ambassador who plays the pipa, a traditional Chinese instrument that is over 2,000 years old. Handling the metal and nylon stringed instrument with impressive virtuosity, Guan uncovers one of her country’s hidden treasures, offering audiences a truly exotic experience.

Since her arrival in Canada in 1997, Yadong, has been sparking much curiosity and admiration, whether she presents herself in solo recitals, as a soloist with orchestras or with various small ensembles. In addition to giving concerts dedicated to traditional Chinese music, Yadong Guan has adapted a wide variety of Western music to her instrument, from classical works (Bartók, Debussy, Vivaldi) to selections from the Quebec song repertoire (Gilles Vigneault, Claude Léveillée).

A gifted composer, Yadong Guan also explores the many technical subtleties of her instrument through her own works. Her exceptional contribution to the development of Chinese culture has won her several prestigious accolades, including a ministerial prize, awarded at the UN World Women’s Conference in 1995. At the Moncton Film Festival 2010 she recently received the award of « The best original scores » for the music of the movie « They killed my cat », and also received the award « Outstanding artist 2010 » given by the Toronto Fairchild TV and Talentvision TV.

Yadong is joined on stage by guitarist Bruno Roussel and cellist Christophe Lobel.