International Guitar Night



Today’s episode features the musical collaboration of three world class acoustic guitar players from the International Guitar Night festival.

International Guitar Night was founded in 1995 by Brian Gore.

Brian, lives in the California Bay Area, came up with the idea of joining forces with some of the world’s best acoustic guitar players and to tour with them across North America on a rotating roster. Acoustic Guitar Magazine admired Brian’s initiative and sponsored this mobile guitar festival.

International Guitar Night performed in Haines Junction in November 2012. Brian was joined by jazz legend Martin Taylor from the UK and guitarist and singer Solorazaf from Madagascar. Due to copyright restrictions, we are not able to present the concert in full length.

Brian told us on the phone a few days prior to the concert, that he was very excited to return to the Yukon. The last time he had played here was for International Guitar Night 2007.

He confided with a chuckle that he likes the friendly Yukoners, appreciates the vast wilderness, but most memorable for him was being treated to a large bowl of home made caribou stew.

Brian Gore is a poet. He tells his stories through his guitar, spellbinding the listeners joining him on his imaginary journey.

British jazz guitarist Martin Taylor has recorded over 25 albums and enjoyed a musical career spanning over 30 years and counting. He received 14 British Jazz Awards, a BBC Lifetime Achievement Award, and was awarded a “Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire” presented by the Queen.

Solorazaf is a French-Malagasy guitarist and singer who has toured with legendary artists like Miriam Makeba and Nina Simone. His complex guitar patterns interwoven with vocal percussion and chanting produces a smooth flowing, highly rhythmic sonic image.