Yukon Women In Music (YWIM)


This episode of JAM Live! features music by members of the volunteer organization Yukon Women in Music or “YWIM” for short.

A passionate group of female musicians started this organization in 1998 in order to foster the artistic development of women singer/songwriters in the territory. The group’s activities include organizing concerts, workshops and providing networking opportunities.

About 30 women with musical interests ranging from songwriting to sound technology are actively involved with YWIM.

For more than a decade, YWIM has enchanted their audiences with a unique blend of acoustic styles including – roots, pop, rock, blues, country, bluegrass. The music resonate with their listeners because the artist’s songs deeply reflect a way of life in Canadian northern communities. In addition to many live performances, YWIM has released 3 CDs. By the way, the group’s first CD which was released in 2000 was recorded live in Haines Junction.

In March 2013, Barbara Chamberlin, B. J. McClean, Erica Heyligers, Selena Heyligers, Kim Rogers and Susanne Hingley performed at the St. Elias Centre.

We are very happy to welcome YWIM back to perform it’s 3rd CD release: “Song Rise”.