Episode 3 – Instruments

April  2015

The blues have been played on almost every instrument you can name; by full orchestras; and on items never designed for music like washboards and jugs.

We’ve covered the range to get as many as we could fit into an hour of music, though we are still looking for a good stovepipe blues

Song Title Artist Album Record Label
I’m Lonesome blues Robert Pete Williams Angola Prisoners Blues Folk Lyric
Fishing Blues Henry Thomas M. Scorcese Presents
The Blues 1
Hip-O records
Going To Chicago Count Basie, Jimmy Rushing M. Scorcese Presents
The Blues 2
Hip-O records
Midnight Cold Jesse Fuller San Francisco Bay Blues Good Time Jazz
Florida Blues Dixieland Jug Blowers The Great Jug Bands 1926 – 1934 Historical
Poor Boy, Long ways From Home Gus Cannon Ten Years In Memphis
1927 – 1937
Yazoo L1002
Prison Blues Unknown Murderers Home Tradition
Fence Breaking Blues The Shreveport Homewreckers Bottleneck Guitar Classics
’26 – ’37
Yazoo L1026
Worried Life Blues Rockin Dopsie and His Cajun Twisters
Denomination Blues Part 1 Washington Phillips Denomination Blues Agram Blues
I’m Feeling Lowdown Washboard Sam Feeling Lowdown RCA Victor
Mother Earth Memphis Slim M. Scorcese Presents
The Blues 3
Hip-O records
The Clock Strikes Twelve Bo Diddley ABC Of The Blues vol 8 Membran
Bad Feeling Blues Ry Cooder Soundtrack “Crossroads” movie Warner Bros. Records


Producer: David Sillery
Show host: Marie Eleniak
Technical production: Dieter Gade at SilkeSound Studio, Haines Junction, Yukon