JAM Live! logoJunction Arts & Music is now recording live events!

JAM has been offering live performances to the local community since May 1999. A dedicated group of local performing arts enthusiasts, who are passionate about accessibility to the arts in our community and beyond, thought it would be a nice idea to share some of these shows with those of you who aren’t able to attend. So in the summer of 2012, JAM Live! was created in order to record these fantastic events. These recordings are now being produced as one-hour radio shows.

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Listen to JAM Live! episodes

# Episode Title Genre Play
92 The McDades Celtic Folk play button
91 Anuhea Reggae, Pop,Folk play button
90 Double Feature: Lucid Culture / Major funk and the Employment Rock / Funk play button
89 Mare Wakefield and Nomad Folk play button
87/88 Lonely Heartstring Band Folk, Pop, Bluegrass play button
86 The Bombadils Folk play button
85 Scott Maynard’s Jennihouse Ambient Jazz play button
83/84 Peripheral Vision Jazz play button
82 Yukon Folk Duos Folk,Blues play button
81 Declan O’Donovan Folk play button
80 Henderson-Kolk Guitar Duo Classical Guitar play button
79 Jon Brooks Folk play button
78 Karin Plato Quintet Jazz
play button
76/77 Tamir Hendelman Trio Jazz
play button
74/75 Lucie D and the  Immortals Latin Jazz, R&B
play button
73 Marco Claveria Cuban & Brazilian folk
play button
72 Yukon Bands @ KMBF 2017 Western Swing, Country, Jazz, and Celtic Fiddle
play button
71 Double Feature: Alan Bibey and Grasstowne /Unspoken Tradition, @ KMBF Bluegrass
play button
70 The Boxcars @ KMBF Bluegrass
play button
69 Murray Porter Blues
play button
68 Ukes of Hazard Pop-Rock
play button
67 Marc Atkinson Trio Jazz, Acoustic Guitar
play button
66 Jason Fowler Acoustic Guitar, Singer-Songwriter
play button
65 Carly Dow Neo-Folk
play button
64 Swing Dance Yukon Swing play button
62/63 Thomas Chapin Tribute Quintet Jazz play button
61 Paul Lucas Trio Brazilian Samba Jazz Fusion removed
60 Double Feature: Sarah MacDougall / Steve Slade Folk, Pop-Rock / Folk play button
59 Double Feature: Volume Five / Foggy Hogtown Boys, @KMBF Bluegrass / Bluegrass play button
58 Feet Farouche Jazz Folk play button
57 Gold Heart @KMBF Bluegrass play button
56 The Lacks Classic Rock, Folk Rock play button
55 Breaking Grass @ KMBF Bluegrass play button
54 The Horse Van Jazz Folk play button
53 Nothing Fancy @ KMBF Bluegrass play button
52 Silver Screen Scoundrels Acoustic Blues, Gospel, Ragtime, Swing play button
51 Fred Eaglesmith & Tif Ginn Alternative Country play button
50 Britain’s Finest Beatles tribute band play button
49 Marie’s Favourites Songs from past JAM Live! episodes play button
48 Wild Ponies Americana, Folk, Alt-Country play button
47 Logan McKillop & Micah Erenberg Folk play button
46 Terry Gillespie Blues play button
45 Jeff Scroggins & Colorado @ KMBF Bluegrass play button
44 Double Feature: Nuala Kennedy & Eamon O’Leary / Amber Suchy Irish and Scottish music / Pop, Roots, Reggae play button
43 Front Country @ KMBF Progressive Bluegrass play button
42 The Lacks Classic Rock, Folk Rock play button
41 Flatt Lonesome @ KMBF Bluegrass play button
40 Declan O’Donovan Contemporary Blues, Singer-Songwriter play button
39 Mike Bentley
& Cumberland Gap Connection @ KMBF
Bluegrass play button
38 Fawn Fritzen & Daniel Janke Folk, Pop, Country, Blues, Jazz play button
36/37 The Abrams Brothers (Part 1 & 2) @ KMBF Bluegrass, Country, Pop, Rock play button
35 The Midnight Sons Band Rock, Blues, Folk play button
34 Community Special:
The Bennett Sun
Tumbleweed Pop, City Folk play button
32/33 Soul Migration (Part 1 & 2) Rock, Blues, Funk, Reggae play button
31 Black Umfolosi Zimbabwe acappella, traditional dance group play button
29/30 Lazy Mike & The Rockin’ Recliners Harp Driven Blues Rock play button
28 Jim Vautour & Teresa Doyle Roots, Folk, Alternative, Jazz play button
27 Barbara Chamberlin & Terry Robb Blues play button
26 Infinitus String Trio Classical, Jazz, Latin, Hip-hop play button
24/25 Dominique Fraissard (Part1 & 2) Alternative Folk play button
23 Community Special: Celtic Tyde Traditional Irish, Scottish jigs and reels play button
22 Double Feature: Ukulele Russ / Hank Karr Songs not intended for the ukulele Ballads / Pop, Swing, Rock’ n Roll play button
21 Steve Poltz

Singer-Songwriter, Pop

play button
19/20 Dark Strangers (Part 1 & 2)

Roots & Folk, Alternative

play button
18 The Bergmans

Bluegrass, Blues & Folk/Alternative

play button
17 Katie Tait & Thirty Years Different

Jazz, Swing, Pop, Blues to Show Tunes.

play button
16 Claire Ness & The Gin Swings 30’s and 40’s-style swing tunes play button
15 Tim Naylor & Loose Ens Rock play button
14 Community Special: The Brass Knuckle Society / Second Cousins World Music / Bluegrass play button
13 Yadong Guan Trio Chinese-Canadian Pipa virtuoso,“East meets West” music style play button
12 David Myles Adult Contemporary, Pop Singer Songwriter play button
11 Gordie Tentrees Roots & Folk/Alternative  play button
10 Trent Severn Folk, Country  play button
09 Double Feature:Steve Brockley Band / Katie Tait and Thirty Years Different Folk, Blues / Jazz  play button
08 Brenda Lee Katerenchuk Jazz  play button
07 Dave Haddock Folk/Blues  play button
06 International Guitar Night Jazz/World Music play button
05 Yukon Women In Music (YWIM) Folk  play button
04 Double Feature:Nive Nielsen / Patrick Brealey Eskimo Folk / Country, Folk, Cabaret, Blues  play button
03 Patrick Brealey Country, Folk ,Cabaret and Blues  play button
02 Brandon Isaak and band Blues  play button
01 Interview with blues musician Jimmy D. Lane Blues  play button

JAM Live! is:
Show hosts: Marie Eleniak, Brendan Wicklund, Silke Gade, Andrea Bols, Rosemary Buck, Elsabe Kloppers, Jolene Billwiller, Nataschaa Chatterton, Cathy Clarke and R.P. Singh.
Script editors: David Sillery, Elaine Hulburt & Sandra Leckie.
Producer and technical production: Dieter Gade