The JAR Program runs every other year. The next program will be offered in 2020. Please check back in September, 2019 for application instructions. For further information, please contact 

About the Program

The Junction Artist in Residence Program is a three month-long artist in residence experience, where the artist will be immersed in the culture, landscape and community of the Kluane region. The artist will capture this experience by creating a piece or collection of wearable art or fashion.

This residency uses fashion as the focus as a way to connect to the local and traditional fashions and textiles of the Kluane region and Yukon Territory at large. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for Canadian fashion and textile artists as it is one of the only residencies of its kind. The JAR program provides a challenging yet rewarding experience for the artist, due to its length and of course the choice of fashion as a non-conventional medium for residency programs.

Applicant Eligibility

1) You must have legal status in Canada. (International artists must check with Immigration Canada ( if they are eligible to work in the country)

2) JAR was created as a platform for Canadian participants outside of the Yukon Territory to experience the natural and cultural setting of the Kluane region. This is to encourage cultural and artistic exchanges that offer new perspectives to the area. Thank you for your understanding.

3) Applicants should be working, established professionals in their field.  A professional artist has a five year history of producing and selling their items, participating in trade related shows and has a practical or technical training and experience about the Established Artist.

4) The applicant will have worked in the design / art industry for a minimum of five years and can provide a history of successful creative endeavors such as; producing a Mini-Collection (a 3 piece collection) for a fashion show; have graduated from an accredited art institution; has worked in a specific design industry for a length of time. 

Support the JAR Program

As a partner with the JAR program, you can support us in many ways;

  • Connect with the artist during the residency
  • Donate textiles, clothing, fabric, and other relevant materials for the artist’s endeavors
  • Visit or participate in JAR related events, receptions and presentations during the program
  • Sign up for the JAM Mailing List to be updated with offerings and requests related to the JAR Program
  • Share your knowledge of textiles, fashion & other creative practices with the artist
  • Participate in or volunteer for JAR programming.
  • Consider giving affordable or free housing for the artist in residence. This housing will serve as accommodation and/or a studio space.
  • Promote your business or organization by becoming an official program sponsor
  • Donate funds to support the program