Job opportunity: JAR 2020 Residency Coordinator

The Junction Artist in Residence program (JAR) is a bi-annual program provided by the Junction Arts and Music society (JAM). JAR has selected Ontario based M├ętis artist Justine Woods to live and work in Haines Junction/Dakwakada and Kluane area this summer of 2020 for three months (June to August, plus a Gala presentation/fashion show October 3rd). JAR provides a stipend, housing, food and work material allowance for the artist. As well, we are responsible for providing the artist with opportunities to showcase her work, present herself to the communities and share her knowledge with an interested audience. We are excited to give her access to our communities, their culture and the surrounding land that will lead her to the collection she is going to present at the end of the residency.

The JAR Residency Coordinator is a key position in ensuring an amazing experience for everyone involved. Although the residency program totals four months, the actual work required for the Residency Coordinator is estimated at 100 hours. There will be peaks within the first month and again towards the end of the program. The preparation for the Gala presentation on October 3rd will take around one third of the estimated time, done mainly in September. In addition, there will be some follow up duties, totaling approximately 2-3 hours.

Click here (JAR Residency Coordinator Posting) for application details and instructions.