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Listen to her CBC interview about her excitement to come to Haines Junction

Read the article about herself and the residency in Yukon News, July 15th

Read the article about her first 1 1/2 month in the residency in Alaskan Dispatch News, August 28th

JAR is excited to announce our first Junction Artist in Residence. Jacquelyn van Kampen is based out of Toronto. She was chosen because of her educational background and her vary of work experience. She could clearly demonstrate how she is able to work with available material in various forms; make the process and results accessible for others; and communicate it in different media. She responded on her vote to be thrilled by this one-in-the-lifetime opportunity. We just can agree with her as we are very excited having her in Haines Junction from mid July to mid October 2016. For more information about Jacquelyn see below 

About Jacquelyn

3. Wearable Art-15. Wearable Art-34. Wearable Art-2

Jacquelyn has been working as a designer for the past 3 years since graduating Industrial Design in 2012 (Eindhoven University of Technology – Eindhoven, The Netherlands)

During the past 3 years she has been adding to her design, fashion and art skills through various workshops and schooling including garment making and pattern construction. She is now working on her own collection and is determined to continue down the path as an independent artist/designer in the years to come. 

She has presented various wearable art pieces in fashion shows and has had the opportunity to present her work at conferences and events including the Dutch Design Week.

She has organized, lead and presented workshops for a vary of audience, including children, general public and students.


7. Collage Work2. Garment Construction-2Have a look into her short video production about the essence of craftsmanship:  https://vimeo.com/145764513

About the Residency

You’ll find below: Introduction | Residency conditions | Disciplines and media | Expectations of the artist | Description of residency

We seeked an artist for our first annual artist residency in the scenic Village of Haines Junction, Yukon Territory, Canada:

11th July to 11th October 2016

Under the title “Sewing through a Landscape” we are looking forward to see how your experiences of our local landscape and culture can be transmuted into a wearable form.

In your 3 month residency (mid July to mid October) you’ll have the opportunity to experience landscape and culture in a way you would rarely have as a tourist. The breathtaking impressions in our pristine environment will inspire you on various levels.
>> You will get travel support, free accommodation, a food budget, a stipend and several additional fees for given workshops and presentations.
>> Experienced guides will be happy to join you on trips into the back country or Kluane National Park.
>> Remote wilderness cabins are available for you to use for multiple day explorations.
>> You will have the rare opportunity to learn from First Nation teachers about traditional hide and fur preparation, dying with natural sources and potentially a lot more.
>> You’ll have free studio space and access to rare materials like a variety of wild fur, moose hide etc..
>> You’ll have local support to prepare a presentation of your residence experiences.

The people in Haines Junction are good hosts. The love and passion for nature brought many of them up here and they share a passion for the arts. The Yukon is known as the art capital of Canada and Haines Junction is a good part of it.

A three month stay is a long time. Enough time for an intensive inspirational connection with landscape and culture, followed by a creative process. Our hope is that you would produce or sketch a unique piece or collection of wearable art.
You could benefit from local skills and volunteer assistance to prepare a presentation at the end of your stay.
We are asking you to leave one piece of art for our local art collection.

Don’t miss this opportunity for an intensive journey through an unusual production process. You are invited to look at fashion and clothing differently and experience new relationships. Find your way to a new expression of creativity and fashion in a wearable form.

Application deadline November 15th, 2015

Residency conditions

Duration: 3 month
Schedule 2016: July 11th to October 11th
Number of artists resident at one time: 1
Grants available: Basic stipend $3000 plus additional fees $1000 to $3000
Residency program since: 2016
Organisation: non-profit
Application who/how: fill and follow form (available Oct 15th – Nov 15th) 2015
Deadline: November, 15th 2016
Selection procedure: by committee
Presentation of artists’ work: exhibition/ show

Disciplines and media

*Fashion Design
*Textile Art
*Costume design
*Multimedia including fabrics and/or wearable 3-D objects

*Leather and hide
*Natural material like wood, branches, roots, leaves, bones, rocks
*Artificial material like beads, metal products, industrial parts, recycled items

Expectations of the artist

Teaching/ Workshop/ Talk
Exhibition/ Show
Donation of an Artwork

Description of residency

*Setting: village, National Park area
*General resources: internet connection, library, local travel opportunities, community support.
*Work resources: Sewing machines (standard/ leather), wood working opportunity, welding
*Numbers of studios: 1-3
*Type and size of studios: institutional/ private studio
*Presentation: Grand Hall with studio sound and gallery space
*Exchange: Current and former fashion professionals in the community and the Yukon, artist community, artist talks, Yukon Fashion Fair together with your show/ exhibition.
*Accommodation: private room/ private apartment*)
*Working language(s): English/ French speaking community in town
*Other activities happening in the area: outdoors, science camps, cafe/bakery, community events, cultural hub Whitehorse 2 h away.
*Nearest international airport: Whitehorse, Yukon


Come to Haines Junction and be part of it!