JAR Events 2016

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1) Start of Art Residency, opening reception and artist introduction
July 15, 5-7pm,

Daku B&W color brush house 

Da Kų Cultural Centre, Haines Junction 

  • Feel welcome to join us for the Opening Reception of our very first Junction Artist in Residence program (JAR) in the foyer of the Da Kų Cultural Centre in Haines Junction.

    Jacquelyn van Kampen, based out of Toronto, was selected to be the first artist of the program.  She will stay for a three month residency in Haines Junction and Kluane. We are excited to hear and see about her former artistic endeavours, as well as about her plans for while she is in the area. 

    We would be pleased if you can help us to give her a warm welcome to Haines Junction and the Yukon. Feel free to come with your partner, family and friends.

    The local 14 Acre Farm will be catering and serve us some appetizers. Following the reception there will be an opportunity to go to the traditional Friday Night Salmon Bake & Concert at the Village Bakery (call early to reserve yourself a plate, 867 634 2867)

2) Craft Workshop Weekend Aug 12-14,

Daku B&W color brush house 

Da Kų Cultural Centre, Haines Junction 



3) Gala Presentation Oct 8-9,


St. Elias Convention Centre, Haines Junction 

  •  Here you’ll find more details about this event close to the actual date.

 Yukon Fashion Fair

 This fair will be accompany the Gala Presentation of the Junction Artist in Residence program.

The Artist in Residence, local craft and art groups, individuals as well as the local school would present their work around the theme “Sewing Through the Landscape” at the Gala Presentation.

A perfect opportunity to present your own products, your apparel supplies, or your craft group to an interested audience.

Please give us a note, if you are interested in a retailer spot and we keep you up-dated as soon we’re going into further planning, potentially January 2016.

Be inspired, be part of it!

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